Friday, 2 August 2013

Cricket has not been the same Gentleman's game!

Cricket has not been the same Gentleman's game!

I have been watching cricket since my childhood days but for last 2 to 3 years, i am not following it with such a craze, do you know what the reason behind it is?

It has not been the same Gentleman’s game like it used to be in early days, every now and then, we hear the news about Umpire giving a totally wrong decision, Match fixing issues, Dope test results, Pitches not prepared being according to the rules and regulations of International cricket and many other issues.

Cricket boards of India, Australia and England are ruling the International cricket council body, without even bothering about other countries and how can any forget about the most upsetting events which took place like shooting on the Srilankan players, in the land of Pakistan, Match fixing allegations against 3 key players of Pakistan, influence of Indian premier league and its effects on International cricket, Zimbabwean cricket board, not having enough funds to continue their cricket, ICC not taking any actions against match fixing in IPL and many others .

Cricketers are just playing for the money, instead of playing for pride of their country and I think that its just because of the arrival of Kerry packers league and Indian premier league.

I just hope that the authorities of International cricket council will take some sort of an emergency steps to resolve all these issues.

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