Monday, 29 July 2013

Benefits of sleeping on the Bare floor

Benefits of sleeping on the Bare floor

We often hear from our parents and the old ones, that sleeping on the bare floor is the healthiest thing to do, obviously, it sounds a bit harsh for a person, who couldn't find a place on the bed to sleep.

But let me tell you, that it’s really good for our backbone, firstly, it will definitely hurt you a lot but as you become habitual of it, you won’t simply care about it.
During the summer time, the bare floor can give you a cooling effect, while you are sleeping on it.

People do feel energetic and refreshing when they wake up while sleeping on the floor.

Japanese also follow this practice in their daily lives because it’s part of their culture and they find it quiet beneficial, although, there is no single evidence that it somehow provides any help to our body.

In many advertisements of the mattresses, it is being told that you won’t have a back pain, after using it, but still, people are suffering of a severe back pains, even after sleeping on those mattresses.

So, try sleeping on the bare floor because there isn't any side effect of doing it!

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