Friday, 26 July 2013

A Toilet Writer

A Toilet Writer

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It might sound a bit disgusting but I love to write my blog posts when I am in the toilet, Am not joking at all because it really works for me!

All the ideas come in my mind when I am in the most comfortable place on the earth, Well, you can try this as well! :D

In my childhood days, I literally used to play piano inside the toilet and it might sound even crazier that I prepared for the exams inside the toilet.

May be, for me it was like a hot seat, which produced some sort of a magic!
I was very bad at memorizing my school work but whenever I took books inside the toilet, I was able to memorize quickly.

I have not done any kind of research about this thing but you can just give it a try and things might work for you as well because it has been the hell of the most important place in this entire world!