Friday, 26 July 2013

Health benefits of Okra, The Lady finger

Health benefits of Okra, The Lady finger

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One of my favorite vegetables Okra, The lady finger is not only tasty but it has many benefits as well! So, try to make it as a part of your weekly meals.

Its benefits include:

The fiber present with in Okra is extremely good for the diabetic patients, not only that but a pregnant women should also eat it because it helps to reduce the neural tube effects in a baby inside the mother’s womb.

Other benefits include, Okra is also good for the bones because of the presence of Vitamin K in it, which helps in the blood clotting process, I would there-fore highly recommend all those people who are 50+ of age, to eat this vegetable as much as possible, it also helps to get rid of any sort of pain in your muscles and bones.

A must eat vegetable for the Asthmatic patients and it is also good for the weight loss.

There are many other benefits of Okra the lady finger but I can’t cover all of them here.

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