Monday, 22 July 2013

Health benefits of Onion seeds

Health benefits of Onion seeds

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Have you ever heard about onion seeds?

It’s the cure of almost each and every disease in the world except the death!
I can’t cover each and every benefit but will try to tell you about the most important ones!

1.     Good for the asthmatic patients.
2.     High blood pressure gets reduced by eating 100 to 200 mg of blackseeds on  a daily basis,
3.     It helps to kill all the cancer cells.
4.     It is good for the diabetic patients.

There are many more benefits of eating onion seeds, not only that, but you can also drink two teaspoons of onion seeds oil daily, as it is even more effective, It contains iron, calcium, sodium, potassium and other important minerals which are good for our body. The only problem is to find the best quality seeds available in the market.

Tip: Remember, using it on a daily basis can help you to get rid of so many diseases and it doesn't have any side effects what so ever! 

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