Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Secrets revealed to get more Traffic on your website!

Secrets revealed to get more Traffic on your website!

I’ll tell you some of the most beneficial and secret tips which i use to increase the amount of traffic on my website.

Tip 1.  100% real content should be published.

Tip2.   Tags used should the powerful ones, you can find out on google the list of   most commonly used tags.

Tip 3.  Don’t use any other illegal method for generating traffic other than the organic way.

Tip 4:  Try to use simple wordings as much as you can.

Tip 5:  Tell your friends about your website and ask them to share it on their facebook pages.

Tip 6:  Write your website’s name on a A4 size paper and stick it on your Car and house as well.

Tip 7: Post your website’s links on stumbleupon’s website to get the immediate traffic.

Tip 8: Select the hot and trendy topics from google and write on it.

I hope, that all these tips will definitely workout for you guys to generate more traffic.

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