Saturday, 27 July 2013

Children copy their parents

Children copy their parents

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Children are an exact duplicate of their parents, from all the ways, whether you believe me or not,  They follow their parents even when they are wrong, they will try to correct them, somehow, but still they are gonna act like them.

I have also seen many kids trying to copy their parents; they actually want to be like their parents because they spend most of the time with them.

So, it depends on the parents, whether they want their children to become good or bad, they can simply show their kids, how to spend life in a perfect manner by their charisma and by living a life, which can create an example for them.

If you are thinking that it’s all about the genes, which need to be blamed at last than you are doing a big mistake because it’s something which is natural and not in our hands.

The point I wanted to make here is that, parents need to change their habits for the sake of their children, otherwise, don’t expect your child to become what you want them to become. 

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