Saturday, 27 July 2013

Effects of the technology on our daily lives

Effects of the technology on our daily lives 

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With the inclusion of the latest gadgets and accessories in our lives, we have forgotten to spend some time with our loved ones, Now don’t take me wrong because I’m not simply blaming the technology for that but just think about it.

Kids are not getting the proper attention, Husbands and wives are not having the similar sort of relationships which they used to have before because all that attention is being given to the cell phones, Tabs and other stuff.

I think life not just about wasting time and getting involved in these technologies only, we need to take out some time and give a break to ourselves, so that, we could get enough time to take care of the people, who really need us.

As we all know that our lives are limited and we have to die at some point of time, so, why not take out some time and enjoy with our families, friends and other people.

Think about it!


  1. ya I totally agree to the concluding point but this time if we make our beloved ones aware of the latest technologies, talk and discuss with them the latest issues and modern trends of society it will rather make the relationship more stronger.