Sunday, 21 July 2013

My favorite city Hyderabad!

My favorite city Hyderabad!

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Hyderabad is one of my favorite cities in Pakistan, Although, Life is a bit slow here, but don’t try to stereotype anything wrong about this city.

With almost each and every facility, which a big city should have, with an extremely well-mannered people and obviously the thing which all of us want “Peace”

Mostly known for its Bangles, Rabri and Bombay Bakery there is much more for the people to look for, like, the “Paka fort” and “Kacha fort” which are the two famous places ignored completely by our media, following the great “Jamshoro Power bridge”, which provides electricity to the entire Sindh province, “Karli lake”, The place where you can enjoy boating and there is much more to get discovered in this wonderful city.

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