Thursday, 25 July 2013

Truth about Indian Restaurants in Western countries

Truth about Indian Restaurants in Western countries

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The reason why I am writing this post is tell you about the situation inside the Indian restaurants in western countries, Firstly, I would like to mention here that I have been a student of Deakin University, which is one of the best universities of Melbourne, Australia.

During my graduation, I was also working part time as a waiter in an Indian restaurant to support my living expenditure, while working inside the kitchen and helping the cook, I saw numerous things, which I would like to tell you about.
Mostly ingredients were actually expired and deliberately used in the cooking; obviously, nobody was monitoring them inside the kitchen, Visitors always appreciated the owner for the services and the cooking.

Actually, they were unaware about all the crazy stuff going on in the kitchen, Expiries is just a small thing, Let me tell you about other things as well, Owner of the restaurant always scolded the kitchen staff to use all the ingredients without wasting any thing and he also mentioned not to waste the vegetables and fruits that were in a bad condition because he knew that no one will notice it after the food gets completely cooked.

Cooks never washed their hands after using toilets; they literally used their hands in the cooking without even wearing a plastic glove or something else, no caps, no uniform and not even a single thing they wore to take certain measures which are necessary for the cooks.

I was working there because I felt, that the timings were a bit convenient for me, but after watching all these things going on in the back side of the restaurant, I never ate that food at all.

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