Friday, 26 July 2013

Problems caused by the facebook relationships

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I just can’t mention the numerous benefits of facebook here in this blog post but the thing I wanted to tell you is that how can we control our selves to manage our emotions and stop getting serious about all the relationships created because of facebook.

Likes, comments, shares and many lively options on facebook creates a sense of an emotional attachment with the person, which no one else can understand it and people even hide it with their parents and friends.

People are spending their entire day on the facebook, staying in touch with the people of their choice for almost 12 to 14 hours a day; I think these hours are even more than the time we spend with our family members.

Obviously, I don’t have any problem with those relationships but just imagine the person with whom you are so much attached is fake and not even of the gender you think he is.

I just want people to make sure about the person with whom they are talking to is really a living person or just a fake id.

So, think about it!

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