Sunday, 28 July 2013

Smile Therapy

Smile Therapy

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Smiling is something which really matters for almost each one of us, it’s something, which cannot be measured or paid off.

Even if you will smile in front of any unknown person, you would definitely get back a smile in return, some people also call it a smile therapy.

Special training is being given to the supermarket staff and to the people working in the franchises to keep smiling in front of the customers because smile is the remedy of all the problems.

If we can’t help someone, at least, we can give a smile, it will definitely not gonna charge us anything but we will surely get a benefit from it.

It’s a human psyche that people forget all the bad things about the person, if he gets a smile from him, so, try it and make it part of your daily life.

And don’t forget to give a smile to the small kids, where ever you see them, in the malls, in the public places or anywhere else, they will definitely feel good about it!

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