Sunday, 28 July 2013

How to find best Aged cares?

How to find best Aged cares?

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So, are you trying to find an Aged care for your parents? Please don’t do that!

Can I please ask you, why you cannot keep them in your own houses, which was their house as well, long time ago, I request you one again, please don’t do that!

Parents have waited a long time to see us all grown up; they were not waiting for their kids to kick them out of their houses because they don’t wanna take the responsibility of their maintenance, why have you made it as a part of your culture? Does your heart permit you to do that? Don’t you feel ashamed of what you are doing? Why are you leaving them alone in the aged cares, with all other old people who are also admitted there by their frustrated children?

I might sound a bit unethical, in the way I am asking you all these questions but seriously, I can’t see them like this, they really need you so much and do remember that one day, we will also become like them and our children will admit us in the Aged cares.

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