Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Castor oil for baldness

Castor oil for baldness

Baldness is the main problem for most of the people, who have crossed their 20s.

There are many different chemicals and medicines which claim to be useful in the treatment of this problem but to be frank with all of you, I have tried almost each and every product but nothing actually works.

Recently, I met a very old age person in a near-by locality, he advised me to use castor oil for baldness, I didn't believe him for some time but after that, I was so much upset about this issue that I bought the oil and started doing massage of castor oil on my head. 

You won’t believe me what am I going to tell you now! I actually saw a hair growth with a sprinkle of hairs on my parts of the head which were without hair, I know that it’s hard to believe it but even I was shocked with the results.

So, do try it and wait for 6 month.

Tip: You can find Castor oil very easily in the market.

s to get the results!

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