Monday, 15 July 2013

Casey Anthony's rumor about her pregnancy.

Casey Anthony's rumor about her pregnancy.

Looks like, it was just a rumor about Casey Anthony’s pregnancy in the twitter, which spread almost everywhere.

As we already know that the Florida jury had made a decision about her being involved in a murder of her daughter Caylee in 2011, since then, she has kept on hiding.

There were many rumors in the different newspapers about her being pregnant and even she started telling her close friends about it.

She also told in an interview to the newspaper that at the time she was hiding, she was in love with an extremely rich man who can just willing to do anything for her.

According to the inquisitor, Anthony was not looking pregnant at all, even she did not looked wealthy in the way she was dressed when she came to the court.

It is also possible that twitter users might have started spreading this news deliberately because of being emotional about the Florida’s court system.

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